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Due to COVID-19 the Charleville Cosmos Centre is currently closed to all visitors until further notice.  

Ooh, ahh, wow, spectacular; are the words you hear in the Observatory at Charleville's Cosmos Centre, when on a clear night sky viewing the incredible beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy, through the powerful Meade telescopes and unaffected by the lights and pollution which cover the stars in city areas, is the focus of the Charleville Cosmos Centre.

Charleville's Cosmos Centre and Observatory is dedicated to ensuring visitors enjoy the wonder of the outback night sky. The guides at the Cosmos Centre share their knowledge and you will observe binary stars, star clusters, planets and the Moon.

Day or night, the Cosmos Centre offers different tours, so there is always a special voyage to embark on while experiencing Charleville in Outback Queensland.

What We Have to Offer... What We Have to Offer...


The evening presentation at the Cosmos Centre is a delight. Take a tour with an experienced guide of the Outback Night Sky through powerful Meade Telescopes. See such things as star clusters, planets, nebulae and learn about the Milky Way and how we fit into the Solar System.

OBSERVATORY: Our special observatory is unique, an entire roof is rolled off to reveal the sky as you have never seen before.

 A never to be forgotten journey of the night sky.

There is nothing quite like seeing the distant stars & planets with your own eyes through our magnificent telescopes.

GUIDES: Experienced night sky guides take you on a journey through the Cosmos. Share their knowledge and see the universe like you have never seen it before.



During the day you have a number of activities to enjoy.  Hold meteorites from space in your hand, enjoy the Space tunnel and visit the Cosmos Theatre. Find out whatever happened to PLUTO!  

Ask yourself have you ever:-
Held a meteorite in your hand? Seen the rings of Saturn? Viewed star clusters 17,000 light years away? Seen the craters on the Moon? Wondered about dwarf planets? 

At Astronomy by Day discover the truth about falling stars (they don't!), how the Solar System formed and all about their five new dwarf planets.

It's fun, it's interesting and well worth a trip to the dark open skies of Queensland's Outback.

The Cosmos Cafe is open and Astronomical Souvenirs available


Bookings are essential for most sessions, so book early to so as not to be disappointed, bookings can be made at the Cosmos Centre  or phone 4654 7771 or email enquiries@cosmoscentre.com   



Bookings can be made at the Cosmos Centre  or phone 4654 7771 or email enquiries@cosmoscentre.com