Universal Dreaming

The stars belong to everyone and we all connect to them in our own ways. Come along and experience the special bond that ancient cultures shared with the stars.

The stars belong to us all, from past to future and from every corner of the Earth. We all connect to them in different ways, whether as beacons of light for navigation, as rudimentary calendars, remembering loved ones, or to sharing stories of heroes and villains to teach right form wrong. Universal dreaming represents the people of the Earth and reminds us that collectively, we all share a special bond to the stars above.      

Departs:  Charleville Cosmos Centre   

Time: May – September Saturday, Upon request -  6.30pm

Duration: 45mins


  • Listen to ancient stories around a fire pit
  • Learn about how ancient cultures used the stars for all sorts of interesting reasons
  • Ancient cultures covered may include Greek, Egyptian, Native American, Japanese, African, Greenland, Aboriginal Australian   and so many more

Price:  Adult $22.50
            Child $16.50
            Concession $20.50
            Family $61.50