Our Star Our Star

Due to COVID-19 the Charleville Cosmos Centre is currently closed to all visitors until further notice.  

The Sun, the most important star in over a billion trillion that fills our Universe. Come see the Sun in the most unique way as you look at solar flares and sunspots. Leave feeling more connected as your understanding has strengthened about what our star truly means to the human race and the importance it plays on our past and future.


  • View the Sun through our Hydrogen Alpha Sun Telescope
  • Bring your smart phone to capture your own Sun image
  • Learn about the biggest and most important star in our Solar System
  • Your guide will give you the history of the suns life cycle and size              
  • Defy your mother when she told you to never look directly at the Sun and view the Sun through special eclipse glasses

April to September: Daily 12.30pm & 2.15pm
October to March: Enquire on 07 4654 7771

Some times may vary throughout the year. It will depend on the weather, seasons and temperatures. If unsure, call us on 07 4654 7771 for further details.

Bookings can be made clicking on the Book Now button