Important Things to Know Important Things to Know




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How should I get there? How should I get there?

Self Drive

The Cosmos Centre is 3km from the centre of Charleville along the Mitchell Highway.

Taxi Service

Charleville Taxi's offer a special deal for the night sessions. $15 per couple from accomodation (within Charleville) to the Cosmos centre return.

What should I wear? What should I wear?

April to October

Outback nights are very cold so please Rug Up. We recommend hats, beanies, warm jackets, long trousers, warm shoes and socks, gloves and scarfes. Visitors can also bring their own rug if they wish.

November to March

Normal summer clothing

Restricted use of car headlights Restricted use of car headlights

Headlights can only be used 15 minutes before your session  

Car headlights ruin night vision which in turns ruins people's enjoyment of the objects we are observing.

Arrival Time   

We cannot stress enough how important it is to not enter the car park area until 15 minutes before your session. The area is in darkness and the building is locked.