Magnificent viewing of both sun and night sky

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Malcolm C
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My wife and I attended both the sun viewing and big sky observatory and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.
The sun viewing gave us an opportunity to observe the sun directly through the centre's special solar telescope. I'm not aware of that being available to the public anywhere else, so it's a great chance to see the sun up close. We saw a solar flare as well as the turbulent surface of the sun, which was wonderful.
The night sky was crystal clear the night we joined the viewing and it was, as ever, spectacular. We were able to see nebula, galaxies other than our own and other wonders.
We can't recommend it highly enough.
Last and certainly not least, a big shout out to the guides and colleagues at the Cosmos Centre who led the viewings beautifully. They were very knowledgeable and entertaining.
They're a real asset to the centre.
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