What Are We Viewing? What Are We Viewing?

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  • Jupiter 

  • Open Clusters                         

  • Globular Clusters

  • Coloured Stars

  • and many more objects.


Monthly Night Sky Highlights Monthly Night Sky Highlights

Special events for September 2016 and let’s start with the Moon.

New Moon is on Thursday the 1st at 7:03 pm.
First quarter Moon will be on Friday the 9th at 9:49 pm
Full Moon is on Saturday the 17th at 5:05 am, and
Last quarter Moon on Friday the 23rd at 7:56 pm.

The spring equinox will occur on Friday the 23rd at 12:21 am. This is simply when we see the Sun move from the Northern Hemisphere and cross the celestial equator into the Southern Hemisphere, which for us signals the start of spring. In the Northern Hemisphere however it’s the autumnal equinox. The Sun will rise due East and set almost due West.

Sunset at the start of the month is 5:37pm and by the end of the month its 5:57pm, so a 20 minute difference.

Sunrise at the start of the month is 6:14am and by the end of the month its 5:34am, so a 40 minute difference.

Three planets, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus will be huddled in the West immediately after sunset at the start of the month in Virgo but very hard to see unless you have a perfect view to the West and clear sky. Mercury will be lost by the end of the first week and Jupiter by the second. On the 3rd the young Moon is just below Venus.

On the 8th the Moon will be close to Spica the brightest star in Virgo.

Mars and Saturn are close to each other with Mars moving from Scorpius into Ophiuchus then Sagittarius. On the 8th the Moon is close to Saturn and on the 9th close to reddish Mars.

Of course with all 5 planets visible in the evening sky none will be seen in the morning.



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