What Are We Viewing? What Are We Viewing?

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  • Jupiter 

  • Open Clusters                         

  • Globular Clusters

  • Coloured Stars

  • and many more objects.


Monthly Night Sky Highlights Monthly Night Sky Highlights

‘For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides. For others they are no more than little lights in the sky’ as said by Antoine de Saint-Exupery from The Little Prince. 

The first quarter Moon is on Wednesday the 7th at 8:03pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time or AEDT which all these times will be.
Full Moon is on Wednesday the 14th at 11:05am
Last quarter Moon is on Wednesday the 21st at 12:56pm
New Moon is on Thursday the 29th at 5:53pm

The Summer solstice, the point at which the Sun reaches its most southerly point in the sky, is at 9:44pm on Wednesday the 21st of December.
This is also the longest day with the Sun above the horizon for 14 hours and 25 minutes in Sydney.
Many people assume that the longest day is the day on which we have the earliest sunrise and the latest sunset for the year. Some even get upset and write letters to the newspapers when they discover that that is not the case. The earliest sunrise is in early December while the latest sunset doesn’t actually occur until early January and that is the result of our non-circular orbit around the Sun and the tilt of 23.5 degrees caused by an impact perhaps as long as 4 billion years ago, cool huh?

Sadly for 2016 the best meteor shower of the year the Geminids, which peak on the 14th will be ruined by the appearance of the Full Moon.

Venus dominates the western sky in the early evenings and on the 3rd the young Moon will be to the right or north.

Mars well past its peak for the year is in Capricorn heading to Aquarius by the end of the month. On the 5th the Moon will be below and to the right or north. Keep Mars in mind though for the next favorable opposition in July 2018 when it will be at its best for the next 15 years or so.

Early in the morning, look toward the east for Jupiter in the constellation of Virgo. On the 23rd the Moon will be below and to the left or north rising at around 2am.

Yearly Night Sky Overview... Yearly Night Sky Overview...