Length of Sessions Length of Sessions

Observatory Sessions1 hour
Introduction to the Night Sky1 hour
Astronomy by day1.5 hours
Sun Viewing1/2 hour


Prices Prices

Valid from the 1st of April 2014 to the 31st of March 2015

    Adult Senior


(4 to 14 years)


(2 adults


2 children)



 Night Observatory

 (looking through a telescope)

   $28    $26              $19                $68    $19

 Astronomy by Day

 (Short film, hands on displays
 & mini talks)

   $10    $10              $8                 $28    $8

 Introduction to the Night Sky

 (No Telescope is used)

   $14    $12              $9                 $32    $9

                          Sun Viewing

         (looking through a filtered telescope)

   $12    $12              $9                  $32    $9


 Children 4 & under: (Observatory Session) Free of charge if not looking through the telescopes.

Open times Open times



High Season
1st April 2015 to September 2015

Low Season
November 2014  to 31st March 2015

Bookings Essential

(Looking through a telescope)

  Sunday                             7.30pm

  Monday                             7.30pm

  Tuesday                           7.30pm

  Wednesday                     7.30pm

  Thursday                          7.30pm

  Friday                               7.30pm

  Saturday                           7.30pm

   Monday                        8.30pm

   Wednesday                 8.30pm

   Friday                            8.30pm

  Saturday                        8.30pm

  Closed: Wednesday 24th Dec  201

   Closed: Friday 26th Dec 2014 

    Closed: Wednesday 31st Dec 2014    

Introduction to the Night Sky
Bookings Essential

 (Constellations session with a      

laser light)

 Sunday                               6.30pm

 Monday                               6.30pm

 Tuesday                             6.30pm

 Wednesday                        6.30pm

 Thursday                            6.30pm

 Friday                                 6.30pm

 Saturday                             6.30pm  

  This session is not looking

through a telescope.



   Monday                           7.30pm

   Wednesday                     7.30pm

   Friday                               7.30pm

  Saturday                           7.30pm  


This session is not looking

through a telescope.

       Astronomy By Day

(Short film, hands on

displays, mini talks) 

 sunday                          10am - 4pm

  Monday                         10am - 4pm

 Tuesday                         10am - 4pm

 Wednesday                    10am - 4pm

 Thursday                        10am - 4pm

  Friday                            10am - 4pm

  Saturday                          10am - 4pm

   Sunday                         CLOSED

   Monday                     10am - 4pm

   Tuesday                    10am - 4pm

  Wednesday               10am - 4pm

  Thursday                   10am - 4pm

  Friday                        10am - 4pm

  Saturday                   10am - 4pm

Sun viewing
Bookings Essential

(View the sun through a

filtered telescope)

          May 2015- September 2015

  Sunday                             10.30am

  Monday                            10.30am

  Tuesday                           10.30am

  Wednesday                      10.30am

  Thursday                          10.30am

  Friday                               10.30am

 Saturday                           10.30am  

          October 2015 - April 2016








      All observatory sessions are subject to favourable weather conditions.     
      Sun viewing operates when the temperature is below 26 degrees celsius
      Additional observatory sessions operate when required

      Times may vary, please check when booking.